Geranium Guide

A Guide on the Best Pots For Geraniums


Finding the best pots for geraniums can be tricky at times. Garden centers nowadays offer a variety of pots to match all personal tastes, but if you really care for your geraniums, you must find a pot that your geranium will like rather than picking one that you find appealing. After all, it’s your geranium that must grow in it, and nobody wants a sick, miserable looking geranium in a pretty pot! So let’s take a look at the best pots for geraniums, keeping in mind a geranium plant’s unique needs. With this in mind, you can then go shopping for a pot that’s primarily good for your geranium, and who knows, perhaps you’ll find a type that you like too!

Best pots for geraniums
Pretty geranium pots full of ivies.

Hanging Baskets for Ivy Geraniums

The best pots for geraniums may vary based on the type of geranium you are planting. If you are planning on getting an ivy geranium, your best bet is a hanging basket or a very tall container.

Ivy geraniums are trailers and they love to dangle off the edge of containers. There are many pretty options to choose from.

Another option is planting ivy geraniums in window-boxes as seen in the Alpine huts. Mixing them up can give a very colorful touch to homes as these add heaps of character.

For a more classical touch, you can try a tall urn-type vase made out of stone as seen in the picture. Ivy geraniums can happily dangle off the edges and provide an explosion of blooms that is surely to impress!

Look for Drainage Holes!

If there’s something your geranium hates is having wet feet, in other words they don’t like soggy soil. The best pots of geraniums must have drainage holes so that the extra moisture can escape out especially if your pots are outside and it’s raining all day. If you have a pot with the little tray on the bottom to collect moisture, make sure you remove that excess water that collects in the tray shortly after watering.

Generally, plastic pots have have more drainage holes compared to terracotta, or ceramic pots. Self-watering pots with a water reservoir at the bottom may be convenient for certain types of plants that like “wet feet” such as ferns, but geraniums are not one of them.

The Best Geranium Pots 

Clay pots are a favorite among geraniums growers. They are indeed often referred to as the best geranium pots. What’s so special about clay pots? The fact that their porosity allows air to circulate is big plus especially for people who tend to water their plants too much.

Geraniums do best with well-drained, dry soil so clay pots are a good match for them. Plastic pots tend to hold water longer than clay pots. However, clay pots often have limited drainage holes, so you might have to drain some extra ones without cracking the clay.

In the summer though, you must be careful that they do not overheat too much as this may cause the roots to suffer. Another disadvantage is that large clay pots may be heavy if you plan to move the move the pots around a lot. Because clay pots absorb mineral salts, they tend to produce a white build-up on the external side as seen in the picture. This is normal, and many find the look of aged clay pots quite appealing.

As seen, there are lots of choices when it comes to the best geranium pots! Choose wisely and your geranium plants will thank you with their generous and colorful blooms!