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The Different Varieties of Geraniums


If you love flowers, you’ll be happy to learn about different varieties of geraniums which is something that makes geraniums particularly appealing. Are you a fan of classical geraniums? Or do you prefer the most exotic looking ones? Are you in love with big, butterfly-like blooms, are does the geranium’s scented foliage attract you the most? When it comes to geraniums, there is a flower for each taste. Picking your favorite geraniums is like choosing a pastry from your favorite pastry shop. Not an easy task when there is so much eye candy! Let’s take a brief tour of the different varieties of geraniums and their unique characteristics, shall we?

zonal-geraniumZonal Geraniums

Scientific name: Pelargonium × hortorum. These are the classical geraniums, those that can be admired on the balconies and gardens all over the world. The flowers of zonal geraniums may be  single or double, and their blooms may come in a wide range of colors ranging from pure white to burgundy through many shades of pink, orange and red to the most intense purple. For the geranium lover’s delight, lately, a new yellow variety has popped up too.

The best feature of zonal geraniums is the fact that they are suitable for every balcony or windowsill, provided they are placed in a sunny location that receives a nice breeze.

Zonals are over all quite frugal plants, particularly resistant to high temperatures. They are quite drought resistant considering that they are little demanding in terms of water. Invest in geraniums of single colors to create particular angles, or alternate of different colors to set some fascinating contrasts, reminiscent of quaint villages of Europe.

Regal Geraniumsregal-geranium, different varieties of geraniums

Scientific name: Pelargonium × domesticum. These geraniums are are characterized by their extraordinary elegance. These are the kings and queens of the geranium world courtesy of their beautiful flowers of many colors crowned by a darker blotch of color spreading from the center of each petal.

Regals have a reputation for being more delicate and therefore more challenging to maintain, but when the right care is provided, their cultivation does not present major problems.

Compared to zonals, regals have a shorter flowering period, and this is because the hot summer weather prevents the formation of new blooms. The secret to regal geranium flowering is the lowering of temperature on well developed plants which evokes the formation of new buds.

ivy-geraniumIvy Geraniums 

Scientific name: pelargonium peltatum. Named ivy geranium due to the resemblance of this geranium’s leaves with ivy, ivy geraniums boast glossy leaves rather the fleshy, slightly curled at the edges leaves seen in zonals. The biggest feature of these geraniums is that they are of the trailing type and can be found tumbling out of hanging baskets with their cascades of pretty flowers.

Ivy geraniums are quite generous marked by early flowering up until the first frosts. Their blooms can be simple, semi-double or double and several boast flowers with streaks of two colors. Place them in large flower pots or large containers and place them in a middle of a lush, pristine lawn or or adorn your balcony with hanging baskets of contrasting colors.

Any way you display them, ivy geraniums will create compact colorful pillows in a variety of colors including  red, lilac and white which contrast well with the liveliness of the their green foliage, creating stunning chromatic effects. Enjoy them in a variety of climates, ranging from the plains, to the the mountains or even off the Mediterranean coast. Ivy geraniums bring back memories reminiscent of the wonderful flowered balconies of Alpine huts.

Scented Geraniumsscented-geranium

Among the different varieties of geraniums, the scented geraniums are lavished not so much for their flowers, but for the fragrance of their leaves, emanating a variety of intense scents. Will you prefer the scent of roses, apricots, apple or mint? Nowadays, scented geraniums come in a variety of odors to tantalize the most sophisticated noses. Indeed, there are hundreds of scented perfume nuances,  several  similar to known odors, other times quite original and indefinable.

Another big plus of scented geraniums is that their leaves are pleasant to touch boasting a velvety texture. While the flowers are smaller and less beautiful than common geraniums, they still can be pretty nonetheless.

Scented geraniums grow well in full sun exposure generally until June, afterward they prefer partial shade when the temperatures become more intense. If you own a “green” balcony, you cannot miss out the scented leaf geraniums.

As seen, there are many different varieties of geraniums, which one do you like best?


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